Apartment Moving Tips

Moving apartment is always considered more challenging than house moving due to the limited space available, narrow/steep stairs and parking restrictions as usually apartments are situated in busy areas. Before the arrival of Melbourne’s removalists, you must take all pre-moving steps.

  • The most important thing is to confirm the building manager about the days and timings in which moving is allowed. Usually building managers don’t allow on weekends and after office hours.
  • If there is lift access, make sure that you book in advance for fairly long time to avoid any frustration on day of the move.
  • Reserve outside parking and make sure that it is in easy access to your apartment. It will save Melbourne removalists time and your money!.
  • If parking is undercover, then inform Furniture Removalists of its clearance height at the time of booking so an appropriate removalists vehicle can be arranged. For more information about vehicle size, see our vehicle size guide.
  • If there are lot of stairs involved, then it is advised to book 3 people to save your time.
  • It is advised to provide clear and detailed information about stairs, lifts, and parking access to the Removalists company so they can quote appropriately.
  • Get online quote by Melbourne Master Movers, to move your apartment without any hassle.

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