Electronic Item Moving Tips

1- Fridges/Freezers

You should always make sure that your fridge and freezer are empty before moving. Let the trays dry completely. Fridges are the last item in loading and do not turn the fridge or freezer on at least one hour after unloading. Let the gas settle down before turning it on.

2- Washing machines

To relocate your washing machine, you should disconnect the cord and wrap it. Then switch off the water supply and turn off the water shut off valves. There may be some residual water inside hoses so keep a small bowl and towel handy so you can drain and dry hoses thoroughly.

Washing machines must be packed carefully. See the manufacturer's instructions for guidelines. The proper preparation of washing machine inserting stabilizing rods. Each washing machine can have different requirements depending upon the model and brand. Its your responsibility to take all precautions before moving. The removalists are not responsible for any damage caused by improper pre-moving preparation.

3- Computers/Printers/Fax

You should keep a back-up of all hard drives and hardware. Disconnect all wires, cables, label and tape them together. Disconnect all devices connected to the computer like the modem, printer, scanner etc. Dismantle computer desks as there unreliable locking may loosen during transportation. See manufacturer’s instructions for each device.

4- Outdoor Items

Dismantle outdoor play-gyms, kids swings, barbecues. Remove TV antenna prior to transport. Special care is needed for lawnmower, it is recommended to empty petrol and oil from lawnmowers to avoid any fire hazards.

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