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Top End of lease cleaning tips – That will help you save your money and time

When you choose to stay in a rented apartment or home, your landlord will most likely need you to pay a security deposit or sign a rental bond before you move in. This helps him/her ensure that you maintain the property well, avoiding the need for your landlord to invest more time and money on its upkeep once you move out. Most of such agreements require tenants to pay for any damages caused to the property. When your tenancy is coming to an end, it is wise to clean up the apartment to ensure that you get your entire security deposit back. The following tips will help you keep your rented home clean and your landlord happy!

Check your lease agreement

While signing your lease agreement, ensure that you check the fine print as there will be certain things you can and cannot do in every apartment. Ensure that you get written permission for any home improvements you do and document the before and after photographs and receipts. Also, remember that it is your landlord's responsibility to fix problems with the apartment.

Keep it clean every day

It is a very bad idea to leave the cleaning to the last day of the lease as no amount of work can restore the damage that the apartment has endured over time. Reduce clutter and remove stains with the right cleaning products as and when they happen.

Have a list of tasks well before your lease expires

Even though you keep your house clean, there may be a list of other tasks that you need to do in order to get your bond back. Approach your landlord or real estate agent well before the lease expiry and get a copy of all requirements you are expected to full fill. Also, get a copy of the “Entry condition report” so that you can use it for comparison.

Focus on every aspect of the house

As your lease expiry date nears, begin cleaning every corner of the house intensively. Start with getting rid of accumulated rubbish and dusting cobwebs and dirt from corners and under furniture. After that, you will need to wash all surface areas, furniture, utilities, especially those in the kitchen and bathroom as they tend to accumulate more grime. Ensure that you use the right cleaning products so that you do not end up damaging the property inadvertently.

Use professional furniture removalists Melbourne, if needed

Professional house removalists Melbourne do a thorough job of cleaning the furniture and restoring the apartment to its former condition. If you are short on time and your lease expiry is nearing, you may find it easier to hire a cheap removalists in Melbourne to move the furniture in the apartment so that you can focus on cleaning it more effectively.

When cleaning your rented apartment or house, try to approach the process by pretending like you are moving into the property. Think about what you will write on a new property condition report, and it will help you focus on the areas that you need to improve.

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