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August 18, 2016
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August 18, 2016
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How To Move With Cats

When it comes to moving with pets, it is always a tricky situation. Moving with cats can be a different story. Moving homes is stressful enough as it is, not to imagine with the added burden of managing your flurry friends. As experts when it comes to moving homes, we got some valuable tips when it comes to moving with cats.

Before the move:

  • Make sure that your cat is chipped and tagged with your old council. Then make sure that the new council is informed about the cat.

  • Restrict your cat to one room during the packing and moving to reduce the stress of the cat during this crazy time. It will help them.

During the move:

  • During the moving day, keep your cat caged (I know, it’s sad), but just until you arrive at your new home and set him up in a room.

  • When you move to your new home, keep your cat in one room until the move is complete. It is a stressful time in which a lot of things are happening and this can drive the cat a little crazy.

  • Slowly and surely, fill up the room that the cat is in and let it get used to it.

After the move:

  • Let the cat get used to the room that it is staying in. Provide it with all the essentials, including food and a litter. Let it get comfortable.

  • After a few days (and once the majority of your unpacking is completed), start allowing the cat into another room. Let it explore that room, before moving to another section of the house. As the week goes on, continually allow the cat to explore the house.

  • After about two to three weeks, allow the cat to enjoy the outdoors (if indeed, it actually enjoys the outside). Let it out bit by bit and keep an eye on it. You don’t want the cat to get startled or run off the first time it gets out. Much like the inside of the house, let it get used to the outdoors.

Cats are special lovely creatures and when it comes to moving homes, they might take some adjusting. Follow these moving tips and things should be alright.