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October 9, 2015
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November 6, 2015
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Moving from apartment to house

Moving from apartment to a spacious house is very exciting experience...You will get lot of space, probably a garden to entertain. If you have kids then potentially exciting for them to get more space to play. It opens up a new chapter in life with great feelings. Along with being exciting, it can involve extra costs but you need not to be fear of expenses. As long as you have some revenue for few basic things, the other is just a fun and requires just innovative ideas. Here are few tips that can be helpful.

1- Affordable Removalists Services

Call in the affordable Removalists company to get a quality moving services without any hassle. Melbourne Master Movers is the accredited removalists company with affordable rates and professional services.You can get other services also like packing, unpacking, provision of packaging materials etc.

2- Fill your new home with Furniture

The extra space in your new home means you need to buy more furniture to furnish it. Start thinking about the theme you like and collect furnishings according to that theme. If you don't have too much budget, you can buy some of the pieces, you really love and rest you can get second hand or give a fresh touch to your existing pieces. If you don't have too much budget to buy all the furnishings brand new, you can consider following tips.
  • Buy second hand furniture from stores or buy online from sites like ebay, gumtree etc. from where you can sometimes get quality items at very cheap rates.
  • Ask your friends or relatives if they have any extra furnishings which match to your theme.
  • Replace the old quilt covers, sofa covers with new one, to give a fresh look.
  • Beautify with accessories like cushions, wall pieces etc.
  • Give a fresh touch with paint to worn pieces.
  • Wait for sales on end of year like boxing day.
  • 3- Decor your new home

    You can visit online site to get inspirational design ideas. Sometimes you can get wonderful ideas to design and make decoration pieces from old, useless household items. Research about styling the existing furnishes. Play around with colours. A fresh and bold colour can instantly inject life into whole room or lounge and can create a fresh feelings.

    4- Enjoy your garden

    While moving from apartment to house, the most exciting thing is that you will get your own garden. You can enjoy weathers now particularly in summer, you will enjoy the advantages of garden now. You will definitely need outdoor items like lawnmowers, outdoor table etc. If you have budget then barbecue and plants can add in your entertainment.For more tips, free advices and to get affordable removalists services, call Melbourne Master Movers today on 0424653459.