Home Moving Checklist

2 weeks before moving day

Visit every room of your house and decide what you should keep and what you should be parted with.

Work out all items that need special packing material and extra insurance.

Remove perishable items that will not be part of the move.

Measure door dimensions in your new house and compare with the size of your largest items, which cannot be dismantled and make sure that everything fits.

Order packing material and other moving supplies like shrink-wraps, bubble wraps, boxes, taps etc. here.

Donate unwanted clothes or other household goods to charity organisations. We recommend the salvation army.

1 week before moving day

Start packing your most unused items.

Note down your fragile and precious items and arrange additional insurance for them. See our insurance policy here.

Label each box clearly, detailing contents and destination.

Pack items such as jewelry or files, which you will be moving by yourself to your new destination.

Inform your utility supply companies about your new address and date of move on which they should disconnect from current address and connect to new address.

Inform your local post office about your new address or fill online change of address form. It is wise to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your mails. Check in with them after two weeks of moving if they found any mail.

Change your address online with your bank, your employer, brokerage firms, magazines and newspapers you subscribe to, health care providers etc.

2 days before moving day

Aim to finish general packing a few days before your moving day

Pack suitcases for everyone in your family.

Dismantle TV, bed mirrors, stereos etc.

Empty your refrigerator, defrost and clean. Disconnect water connection with your washer, clean and dry.

Reconfirm with Melbourne Master Movers about their arrival time and recheck your addresses and contact details and ask about payment methods. Arrange payment according to agreed method.

Empty lawnmowers and power tools of fuel.

Moving day

Get up early and don’t panic.

Have a final look that all goods have been packed before the arrival of Melbourne removalists.

Don’t forget to say goodbyes to neighbours.

Leave a note of your new address and contact details for residents coming to your house that if they get any mail for you, they can inform you.

Make sure that cash, jewelry and other valuables are safe.

When Melbourne Furniture Removalists arrive, inform them about your fragile and valuable goods which need extra attention.

Walk removalists through the house, inform them what you need to be loaded and follow their advice on actual load.

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