Best tips and tricks for moving house with kids

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January 7, 2016
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Best tips and tricks for moving house with kids

Moving day is not easy; throw kids into the equation and it just gets tougher. Not only do you have toorganize and pack your household items, you must also cope with the mood upsets and tempertantrums of the kids. Of course, if you plan way up ahead, and include your kids in the relocationdecisions and plans much earlier on, things can pan out quite differently. Here is a look at some tipsthat you can use to make relocation easy for both you and your kids.

Talk to your kids about the move, and take them to the new house if you can. If that is notpossible just show them pictures of the new house. The idea is to get them familiarized with thenew home, so they do not feel apprehensive about the change. You can even ask them questionsabout how they want to do up their room, so they get excited about the idea of moving. Whileyou're on it, let them know that they will get to keep in touch with friends that they have madehere even after they moves. Maybe have a send off/ celebratory party so they look forward to it.

De-cluttering and organizing is a big part of relocation, and you can have your kids help youwith it as well. Give them different boxes, and help them organize their clothes, toys and otherpossessions into three piles- objects to be kept, donated/sold, and discarded. You can ask themto label the different boxes with different color markers. You can ask them to help strike thingsoff the checkist.

Be sure you pack things that you will need on the first day that you move in separately. Thisincludes toothbrush, mattress, pillows, pyjamas, and anything else that they may need. Chancesare that you will be so tired from the move that you won't have the time to unpack all the boxeson the same day. You can also keep your kids' treasured possessions in a different box, so theycan set it up in their new room, immediately after you move in.

On the day of moving, let your kids know what they should expect beforehand. Dependingon how old your kids are you want to decide if they will come along with you while you move,or you want to drop them off with a babysitter, friends or family. If that is not an option, thenpack a snack for your kids. If your move is going to take long then you definitely want to pack asnack for your kids. You can also pack puzzles, books and games so they can keep themselvesbusy on the way.

Know that not everything on moving day will pan out as you had it planned. Stay calm, as kids arequick to pick up any anxiety. Of course, things should be relatively easier if you have a removalistsservice assisting you with the relocation.

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