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November 6, 2015
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Buying Right Packing Material For Your Move


While moving house the most important part is packing, better the packing easier the move will be. Organised move would always save your precious belongings, time and most importantly money.

1. Boxes

Boxes have a key role in moving. so it is very important to select the right boxes for your move. When we say right boxes that means not only the right sized but also strong enough. You may get boxes from your removalists or there are companies which provide on rent or you may purchase your own. The boxes bigger in size should not contain heavy material instead they should be filled in with light material i.e clothes etc. Books should always be packed in medium boxes because books are the easiest to pack but the heavist to carry, so always use the medium boxes for this purpose. To pack crockery and fragile things you always need wraping paper to pack them. All the crockery must be wrapped with paper and fill the gaps by putting any news papers or even some pieces of clothes so that they cannot rattle around the box while transit. In the end, tape them and label them properly. Fragile ones must have a clear label as fragile so you can get idea when to be extra careful.

2. Pakaging tape

You must buy atleast a pack of pakaging tape which consist of five or six tapes. Having extra tape is always benificial. Tape is a thing which would not be wasted. You will even need it after wards.

3. Wrapping paper

You may get wrapping paper from bunnings. It is white paper used for wrapping the crockery.

4. Shirnk wrap

Shrink wrap is very important to have. It is used to pack all furniture which has draws or which needs to put togather or even precious things which need extra care may be wrapped with it. Sofas and matteres are also wrapped with it by Removalists Melbourne.

5. Bubble Wrap

Buble wrap is used to pack paintings, tvs and other electronic items. Furniture Removalists Melbourne use it to wrap fridges as well.