Piano Moving Tips

Pianos are very heavy and fragile items, as such a lot of precautions needs to be taken before moving one. Upright pianos carry all their weight on their top halfs and their legs and feet are fragile which needs extra hands to help. It is strongly advised to hire Professional Piano Removalists for piano moving but if you are ready to take the risk on safety of your valuable piano and your back, then take the following precautions.

  • It is very important to remove all the potential hazards before moving the piano i.e. removal of floor mats etc.
  • Pets should be locked in another room.
  • Children should not be running around.
  • Clear all the doorways and make sure that all the door are open by putting door stoppers to keep doors open.
  • Make sure that you have proper equipment i.e. piano trolley made with rubber tires so that not to leave marks on your floor. You should also arrange heavy duty stripes to tie the piano on to the trolley so that while moving, it may not slip from the trolley. If in doubt, talk to Piano Removalists of Melbourne Master Movers for advice.
  • You must have blankets and pads to cover the piano so that stripes may not leave marks on piano.
  • If there are stairs, you must have proper ramps to move piano. In such case, it is strongly advised to get services of professional removalists.
  • You must arrange a suitable vehicle for piano move i.e. a vehicle with hydraulic lift or tailgate.
  • You must measure the doors from where piano is supposed to come out and where piano is supposed to get in. There must be a fair gap on both sides of passage and doors because piano has stripes, pads and blankets around it while moving.
  • Our advice to you is to hire Professional Piano Removalists for piano moves. Get an online quote by Melbourne Master Movers to move your piano safely and efficiently.

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