Three More Points For Moving a Small Office

Four Vital Points For Moving a Small Office
August 18, 2016
Four Key Tips On Hiring Movers To Move Your Home
August 24, 2016
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Three More Points For Moving a Small Office

As we mentioned in another post “Four Vital Points For Moving a Small Office“, we had some vital pointers when it came to moving your small office. Well, we got another three more pointers to help you with the big day.

  • Inform your customers.
    One of the most important things that many business owners actually forget to do, is to notify their current client base that they will be moving. Putting up announcements online and updating your website is great to spread a wider word, but make sure that you tell them directly so they get the impression that you generally care about them.

  • Adjust all your mail.
    Make sure you notify all your vendors, providers and government departments (that you deal with) that you will moving to a new venue. This will help redirect mail to your home. The last thing you want is to have important mail going to your old address. Change the addresses of all your important mail so you don’t face any potential issues.

  • Purge your useless stuff.
    This is also a great time for you to eliminate all the useless stuff in your office. You might find yourself with old papers that you don’t need, books that are outdated, business cards of workers that no longer exist and outdated equipment. Instead of lugging this stuff along with the movers, remove it and save yourself the future drama that comes with unloading this useless stuff.