Pool Table Removal Tips

Moving a Pool Table is a huge task, which requires a strong assembly of muscular power and technical skill. Pool tables are incredibly heavy and delicate. Even the smallest of mistakes can render the table useless. As such it is strongly advised to hire professional pool table removalists to avoid any damage. Pool Table removalists from Melbourne Master Movers are highly skilled and well known among Melbourne’s removalists. Our removalists carry all necessary expertise and tools to dismantle, load, unload and assemble your pool table on destination.

If you want to take this huge task on your head, then you should consider the following tips.

  • You should gather a few very strong group of fiends with necessary carpentry skills and tools. At least three people are required, maybe even four to five.
  • To disassemble a pool table, you will need; screw-drivers, safety goggles, power drills and safety equipment, especially shoes!
  • While disassembling, label each part clearly and every removed part must be cataloged very carefully to avoid any hassle on destination.
  • First remove the staples to unfasten the six side pockets. Sometimes they are secured with screws.
  • Unscrew the bolts and then remove each rail. Don’t forget to label each piece.
  • Next step is to remove the Felt. Removing Felt is time consuming and hard but crutial, to avoid any damage during transportation. Remove Felt very carefully.
  • Now remove screws from the slate using a power drill. Slate’s can weigh up to 400 Kg, so take your time and take it slow with as many hands as you can get.
  • Next step is to wrap each part with blankets and pad them properly. Load the slate on a piano trolley, use stripes to hold slate on trolley and move the trolley over the hydraulic lift of the Removalists truck. Keep it carefully along truck walls so it is stable there to avoid any damage during move. There should plenty of room inside the vehicle for the pool table parts. For more information on Removalists vehicles, see Melbourne Master Mover's vehicle size guide.
  • While Unloading, again use piano trolley from and stripes to hold parts on trolley.
  • Last step is assembly at the destination. Keeping all the screws and bolts in proper bags and knowing where they will go will make assemblage easy. Assemblage of parts is again a challenge. You will need to reassemble the legs or base under the frame with pool table upside down. You will need extra hands to flip it back. Now add slate and level it according to floor which will require skilled people. Adding Felt and rails is next. After tightening the rails, close gaps and make sure, there are no wrinkles created in Felt.

All in all, Pool Table Removal is very difficult, so don’t take risks on safety of your valuable pool table and your backs and call Melbourne Master Movers to get professional removals services. Contact us for a free quote.

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