Pre-move Preparation Tips

1- Planning

Planning is essential for a successful move. You need to figure out your settings so to speak. You need to keep in mind the size of house and size of doors, where you are moving. Good planning and preparation will save you time and money. It is very critical to choose an appropriate moving company. Quality and prices both should be considered. Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers provide highly professional services at unbeatable prices. For more information, visit our Pricing page for details about our pricing and our services area for a detailed description of our services.

2- Packing

You should always pack your little stuff in boxes and one thing is very common when people are packing themselves, they always tend to pack improperly. Boxes should be packed in proper ways. It is recommended to label the boxes clearly which will save lot of your time to re-arrange your belongings in your new destination. Do not overload the boxes, always pack them to level of their walls. This will help to apply taps on them properly and to stock them easily on top of each other inside the vehicles while transportation. Pack loose and small items in boxes on day of move. It is advised to seek the services of professional pre-packers. Melbourne Master Movers is not liable for any damage, which is caused by customer’s improper packing, for details see our terms area.

3- Choosing the right sized box

It is very important to choose the right size of box for packing. Boxes should neither be too large, nor too small. Proper selection of boxes should allow for full boxes to be easily moved by a grown person. For books, use small sized boxes as books are heavy. Larger sized boxes for books will make the box very heavy.

Consult professionals at Melbourne Master Movers for selection of appropriate sized boxes.

4- Dismantling

Before Melbourne Master Movers staff arrives at your house, you should always dismantle your larger sized items as we can have trouble moving them through doorways. Keep nuts and bolts in a separate bag and don’t intermingle them. You should always keep your keys in your hand-bag and always remember where you have kept them. Sometimes, customers forget the keys which is very frustrating in moving. It is strongly advised to collect the keys of your new house at least one day prior the day of move from property agent/landlord. It is our experience that people do not collect the keys till the day of move, which causes delays and sometimes very frustrating situation both for customers and Removalists.

5- Easy access

It is very important that you should arrange the parking as near as possible. In congested places and commercial areas, it is recommended to secure parking with plenty of a time margin for the removalists. All belongings should also be easily accessible. It will save time and your money. Keep children and your pets out of the way.

Get an online quote by Melbourne Master Movers, and make your move a stress free one!

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