How To Plan & Prepare Your Office Move

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August 10, 2016
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How To Plan & Prepare Your Office Move

We understand the stresses that come with moving an office. It isn’t an easy, straight forward day and there is a lot to prepare for. That is why we have come up with a vital set of pointers that can help you plan and prepare for your office moving day. It begins something like this…

Create a timeline.

Like with anything with your business, it is important to create a timeline of when you want things done by and how. This will help you manage expectations and prepare ahead of time on what needs to be done. It will give you a clear sense on what needs to be completed.

Prepare the employees.

It is important to tell your team and your employees that you will be moving soon. Springing it up on then in the last minute is not going to help your cause. Tell them beforehand what they should expect and how they should prepare for it.

Get the cull ready.

Whether you know it or not, there is always a chance that coming moving day, you should be culling items and equipment that is no longer needed. This is a great chance to get rid of the clutter in your office and start with a clean bill. Look at this opportunity for getting all the junk out of the way.

Assign tasks.

Always look to get tasks assigned for the big moving day (or days, depending on how large and big your office is). Having people managing one thing on the day will help the flow of the moving and get things simple and easy. Spread the work around easily so that everyone gets a fair share.

Contact & prep the movers.

While you are preparing for the move, make sure you reach out to the experts for your office moving job. Get in touch with them (like Melbourne Master Movers) as soon as possible and tell them about the job and all the vital information regarding your old and new office. The more information the experts have, the simpler the job will be.