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November 1, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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Qualities which a professional removalists should have

Moving house is perhaps the second most stressful occasion of one’s life after loosing 1st love. Although moving itself is a stressful job but sometimes reasons behind the move may also be painful which makes moving worst e.g. separation etc.

Being the professional Melbourne Removalists, it is our observation that people have association and beautiful memories with their houses and it’s hard for them to leave the house. So house moving makes their move emotional and painful. But it is not always the case. Sometimes moving house is very exciting experience as someone is moving to bigger spacious house or bought or built his own new house. In such a case, excitement must be at high stake.

In any case, to make the move comfortable and hassle free, a professional Melbourne furniture removalists should have following characteristics.

1- Punctuality: A professional Removalist should be punctual. People moving from apartments have to book the lift and sometimes there have very tight time constraints by building managers. A professional removalist should always keep such time limits in mind and there should always be half hour margin in arriving at the pickup address. Time margin can vary according to situations like traffic or rain. Managing time is quite challenging and a removalist has to face and compete this challenge daily.

Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are well aware of this big challenge. They always meet it successfully and arrive on time at the desired destination.

2- Friendly: A professional removalist should always be friendly and polite in behavior. People are usually stressed on day of move. A friendly chat of furniture removalists can relieve their stress and make them cheerful. Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are especially trained to behave cheerfully and professionally to customers.

3- Professional Look: Removalists should always be dressed up in proper uniform. Presentation is most important in any job and same thing applies to Melbourne Furniture Removalists. They should be in neat and clean get up. Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are strongly focused on presentation and they always look professional.

4- Up to the task: A professional removalist should always be ready to face any challenge. Melbourne Removalists have to face a new task daily so they must have technical mind and skills to handle the situation. Sometimes they need to move heavy furniture through narrow stair cases and sometimes they have to hang heavy couches through balconies to enter them in lounge.

5- Technical skills: Besides lifting and loading, unloading, a furniture removalists also have to dismantle and assemble furnitures. They need to pack items professionally so nothing can rub against each other and then stock them inside vehicles in such a way that no damage should occur while transit. All theses tasks require technical brain, training, knowledge and experience.

Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are professionally trained and equipped to face and meet all such tasks.

6- Making a Call to Customers: Removalists should always call customers and inform them the expected arrival time atleast half hour before arriving.

7- Vehicle Maintenance: Professional Furniture Removalists should always maintain their vehicles. All moving vehicles should be neat, clean and equipped with all necessary accessories like wrapping blankets, packing materials, trolleys, stripes etc.

Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are aware of all these requiremensts. They meet the AFRA criteria of furniture removalists. They are trained, experienced and well equipped with all necessities. For best services and affordable rates, Contact Us to book your next move.