Furniture Removals in wet rainy conditions! – Melbourne Removals

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March 28, 2016
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May 31, 2016
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Furniture Removals in wet rainy conditions! – Melbourne Removals

Removing Furniture in Wet Weather Conditions

Cheap interstate removals in Melbourne can be a little tricky due to the highly unpredictableweather in Victoria. From the moment the moving truck arrives till the last piece of your furniture ispacked safely into the back of the truck, you can end up experiencing the entire weather spectrum,from cyclonic winds to summer sunshine. To limit the inconvenience and impact of moving yourhome in the wind and rain, you can take the following measures to reduce the damage, risk andinjury to your property and our Removalists in Melbourne.

1. Occupational Health and Safety

Our cheap removalists Melbourne have a lot ofexperience in moving even under the most adverse weather conditions. However, there are afew steps you can take to make it easier. If it is windy, make sure that you securely chockthe doors open with a doorstop. You do not want it to fly shut when the removalists are halfway through your door when carrying your flat screen. Whether you are expecting sunshineor rain, hand a tarp over the house's entryway to keep pelting rain and blinding sun fromobstructing the sight of the removalists.

2. Be prepared

Even if you hire a professional removalist service like ours, have sturdyfootwear ready in case you need to step outside of the house to give instructions. Weargardening gloves to get a better grip on things and wear a hat to keep out the rain from youreyes. Moving in wet weather poses a lot of challenges. So, if you have any doubts letprofessional removalists in Melbourne do all the heavy lifting.

3. Prepare the house

You also need to take care of the house when you are moving out.Irrespective of whether you have sold your property or finishing up a rental lease, you areliable for any damages that are incurred while moving. If your house has wooden floors,place towels, bed sheets and old carpets on the ground. Not only will this protect theflooring, it will also make sure that no one slips and falls. Place all the furniture and boxes inthe rooms that are closest to the entryway to minimize the amount of mud, water and dirtthat makes its way inside the house.

Our advice is to hire experienced our Melbourne Removals and don't take risk at safety of your own or your dear ones, so be quick and contact pros at Melbourne Master Movers today!