Things To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Mover

What To Expect From A Mover With An Estimation? 
September 20, 2016
October 10, 2016
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Things To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Mover

There are many questions that enter people’s minds when it comes to hiring movers for their home. But which questions should you ask? This is why we have listed down the most common and essential questions that you should ask when it comes hiring your movers. Once you answer the questions, you are good to go. Read below to see these key questions.

  1. Do I really need an estimate?
    Yes you do! You shouldn’t just go ahead and let the movers do their work. You should ask for an estimation of the price and see what is included. This way, you know where your money is going.

  2. So do I invite the movers over to my place?
    Many professionals movers (like us) will organise a point to come before to check out the house before confirming the estimation. Movers that say that they don’t need to check out the place are trying to fluke it and hope for the best. As well as try to get the most money out of you.

  3. How do I know if the estimation is worth it?
    You call other movers! That is the key to this process. You shouldn’t sign up for any mover until you’ve looked around and checked out the competition. Take a look at what is offered and the price differences. It will provide you with good idea on where you money is going.

  4. What information should the movers provide?
    The more transparent the movers, the more professional and dominant they are in the field. Dedicated and professional movers should provide you with references for their past jobs, as well as estimation for the cost of the job for you. They should also tell you about their previous experiences and the years they have been in the job. This will give you a good estimate on what to expect.

  5. When I hire the movers, what am I responsible for?
    You will be responsible for your items and furniture before and after the move. What happens during the transportation process is down the movers. It is imperative though that you make sure all your items are in good condition before you let them be move. This way you can keep track of your furniture and items.

  6. Should I tip the movers? 
    It is not part of Australian custom to tip movers, but many people do, when the job has been completed to perfection or the job was considered challenging. It is solely down to you if you feel the movers should be tipped off.

  7. Should I do the moving myself or hire someone?
    Well, this is the first question you should have asked. At this point, if you reading through this you have already made your mind up regarding getting a professional mover. But to reaffirm the benefits that you will get with professionals:

    1. Easy, stress-free service

    2. No potential of getting injured

    3. All the hard work is completed

    4. Simple moving process