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July 28, 2016
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Tips For Moving Your Piano

When it comes to moving pianos, it is a different level of work required. Heavy, strong and durable, pianos are not like other items or furniture pieces. They require extra work, including more preparation and the right equipment to move it. To make sure that you get the best piano service possible, we have some valuable tips for you.

  • Contact the professionals here at Melbourne Master Movers and request that you need a piano moved from your home. Pianos (alongside billiard tables) are considered separate entities thanks to the extra required effort to move these heavy items.

  • Prepare your day accordingly for the piano removal. You will need a few hours to make sure your piano is moved out.

  • Get some sheets out to protect your floors. Especially when it comes to timber, there is a risk that the piano could damage the floors. Having protective sheets will protect your floors.

  • Remove the loose pieces of the piano. The last thing you want is for these piano pieces to come loose during the moving, you could facing more issues and problems than you can imagine.

  • Wrap up the piano with some thick cloths and towels to protect the polished surface of the piano.

  • Clear the way. Piano takes up space and more important than anything else, they take up a lot of room to move. You need to clear the way, move all other furniture and items out of the way to make the process easier.

  • Show the movers around your home. They have grasp a clear indication of the best route to move your piano out of your home. Always, advise the movers if there are stairs in your home. This is another level of precaution and planning that must be taken into account.

  • Let the movers do their work! They will have the right equipment and tools to ensure that they can safely and securely move your piano from your old place to your new on.

Don’t risk the damage of moving your piano alone. Get in touch with Melbourne Master Movers today for the best piano moving service.