Tips for refrigerator move – Making your refrigerator ready to move!

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March 19, 2016
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Tips for refrigerator move – Making your refrigerator ready to move!

Tips for refrigerator move - Making your refrigerator ready to move!

1- Remove all the contents of refrigerator

It is mandatory to remove all the contents of refrigerator to make sure that there is nothing to rattle around in the refrigerator during transit. Remove ice, clean ice packs, trays. It is good to start consuming perishable food items acouple of days before moving day so there are minimum possible food items left to pack and move on the moving day.

2- Remove power connections

Switch off the power connection a day before move so that refrigerator can warm up and fluid can stop flowing through compressor. If refrigerator makes ice automatically then disconnect water too. Tape the power code after coiling it to avoid intermingling with other things and to ensure its safety.

3- Remove shelves, trays and drawers

It is essential to remove all the trays, drawers and shelves from refrigerator. A lot of people ignore it but it is safe for trays or shelves to avoid them crack or break up. Wrap all the shelves, trays and drawers with bubble wraps or towels and pack them separately in a box. Don’t take risk on safety of your refrigerator as you will need it immediately after relocating in to your new home and of course you don’t want to call technician immediately after reaching your new home.

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4- Defrost the Freezer

Give enough time to ice to melt down fully before moving day. If you have been ignoring the defrosting of the freezer, then now its good time to defrost it. Take all necessary precautions to absorb the water expected to drip down from freezer during defrost for example lay down towels or unusable woollen clothes.

5- Secure the doors

Last but not least pre-move precaution for fridge is to ensure the safety of doors during transit. Usually professional Melbourne Removalists have materials like ropes etc. to fasten the doors but you should also arrange something with which you can secure the doors just for safe side. Don't leave the doors unfasten during transit. Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers pad refrigerator before loading in their vehicles to avoid any scratches or dents during load or transit. They understand that it is very precious and essential item of the kitchen so there should be no compromise on the appearance and safety of refrigerator.

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6- Hire Professional Removalists

You can gather friends to help moving in refrigerator or other heavy items but work out first on the energy consumption, time, insurance and rent of a truck if you will be doing move by yourself and compare it with the quality and safe services by professional removalists. It is advised to hire pros at Melbourne Master Movers and make your move safe and hassle free!.

7- Transit and after move precautions


It is strongly recommended to keep the fridge upright during transit. Laying down the fridge will disturb the liquid flow and can damage your precious refrigerator. Turn on your fridge back after few hours of unloading. Don’t turn on immediately, let’s settle down its gas first. Keep an eye on it for few hours after turning it on to ensure that its working properly. It may take few hours to reach its actual temperature again. Now your refrigerator is ready to store food and enjoy it!

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Dont forget to contact pros at Melbourne Master Movers to move your refrigerator and enjoy a safe move at cheap rates.