Tips for selection of the best day for relocation – Relocation Guide

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March 5, 2016
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Tips for selection of the best day for relocation – Relocation Guide

First, there is no doubt that you have to consider your job's schedule and the school terms of your children. It is essential as you have to know when to start searching for a furniture removal company or you want to make everything by yourself. If you decide to move with professional removalists - then, a great tip is to spend more time to find the best removalist company that meets your criteria, budget and expectations. Most furniture removalist companies offer complimentary services, such as assistance during the packing, unpacking, or dis-mantling, re-assembling of the furniture. If you plan to do everything by yourself, including the loading, the driving and the unloading of the van - then a better idea is to begin sorting and packing all your possessions quite in advance. In both cases, you should know the perfect date for the relocation. Another great idea is to use the summer vacation of your kids, because it is longer and you will have plenty of time to organize everything. If you don't work in the summer too - then probably this is the best moment for the relocation.

Second, consider the weather conditions, because you definitely want less troubles and unexpected surprises in the last moment in the moving atmosphere. Keep an eye on the weather forecast throughout the week prior to the move. If there is a chance of a light rain - then, you should not take risk of your precious electronic devices. It is good to wrap all of the electronic equipment in plastic bags or other waterproof bags. Seal everything with heavy-duty tape and make sure that everything is prepared for bad weather such as rain or wind. The winter offers its own unique challenges and a bunch of disadvantages when moving house, especially at long distance. Avoid driving a huge removal truck in the rain, while the challenges when loading or unloading the boxes and the objects can make you feel not that comfortably, due to the soil and dirt traces from wet shoes. When moving with the help of a removalist company – then, ask the pros when is the last moment to cancel the move without any cancellation fees. Yet it's all possible until the very last moment of the move and a great idea is to know in advance when you can call and cancel or reschedule your move without the need for paying extra fees.

Third, avoid travelling in the mid-summer, especially if your house is located in very hot weather conditions. One, the extremely high air temperature is not safe for your belongings and two, it's not comfortable to drive a huge furniture removals truck and deal with heavy lifting or handling numerous boxes when the heat outside is overwhelming and the sun beats down the road all day long.

Fourth, avoid driving a huge furniture removals truck in the rush hours when the risk of traffic jams is greater. Plan the arrival in the new city in advance and a great tip is to arrive in the early morning or even at night time. The huge removal van/truck requires a lot of parking space, not to mention the turns along the narrow city streets. It would be even more difficult with a traffic jam.

Fifth, the best day is definitely not during the big national holidays. It's true that the vacations give an unmatched advantage and plenty of free time, but try to avoid driving in the big national holidays, because everyone do.

Sixth, the best day might be a day when the furniture removalists offer the biggest annual discounts. That's why regularly stroll through the sites of the companies in your region and check out their promotions, discounts, etc. Waiting for the days with the biggest discounts is a very great choice when moving on a budget.

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