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What to Expect and Do on Moving Day

No matter how organised you are something is bound to go wrong on the day you are to move. It does not matter how many people you helping out, or how well you have planned what should happen at a particular time. Moving out and moving in is not only complex, but also it is stressful. All the things you have to countercheck can stress you out and movers in particular, like to work in a panic free environment. We have helped hundreds of people move in and out of Chelsea, Kingston, Dandenong, Mordialloc & Pakenham, and we have seen it all.

As a moving company, we get that there will be pressure on your end to make sure everything goes according to plan, and so we strive to help you get through the moving day with the least amount of stress as possible.

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What to Expect On Moving D-Day Chelsea, Kingston, Dandenong, Mordialloc & Pakenham

Most people prefer to pack their own stuff and only call on the moving company when they are ready to move out. However, no matter how well prepared you think you are, there is bound to be something you are not ready for. Let us look at what to expect on the moving day.

The Moving Company Might Not Be Available

Always keep in mind that you are not the only one moving on the day you have set. In this light, always book an appointment with us so that we may always be able to offer the best moving solutions. Calling on a moving company at the last minute will most likely leave you frustrated; there might not be enough movers or trucks to move your stuff.

There Is Always Something Missing

No matter how well you have made sure to pack everything; there are always chances of something being left behind. To avert this situation you can get the help of one of our move coordinators to help you make an inventory of everything in your home. They will also help to pack and check out everything as it goes into the packing boxes.  Since they are emotionally detached from your items, they will help you make a list of what you need to take with you, items to sell, and what to donate.

Traffic and Rain

It is hardly possible nowadays to correctly forecast the weather due to global warming and what you think is the perfect day to move, the heavens might open up and dampen your day. There is also the risk of running into traffic and this will put massive delays into your relocation. Research has shown that the best time to move is on a Tuesday, and there is less chance of running into traffic as you navigate your way out from your old neighbourhood. For the rain, you have to enjoy it or ignore it.

What to Do On Moving Day

To avoid any surprises, here is a list of things you need to do on move day, from our experienced movers and moving coordinators

Check Each Room Again

After all the boxes are in the truck, take another walk through the house and check each room for anything left behind. Check the cupboards, drawers, shelves, closets, garage etc. Check every nook and ensure the house is empty. While at it, ensure that the windows and the doors are locked to keep out intruders away; you can enlist the movers to check for any items as you check the windows and the doors.

Clean Out the Refrigerator and Throw Away All Rubbish

Have you ever moved into a house where the previous tenant left their rubbish unattended? The property owner might forget to clean out the refrigerator, and once the power is turned off, the items in there will begin to rot. The same case applies to garbage, it will begin to rot and will become a breeding ground for pests and moulds which might pose a health hazard to the new tenants.

Leave a Note for the Next Occupant

When you leave the house you are occupying you definitely know all the hacks to the problems in the house. Leave them a note telling them of garbage day, if there are any plumbing issues and any pointer they will need. It is a form of courtesy.


As a moving company serving the Chelsea, Kingston, Dandenong, Mordialloc & Pakenham areas, we hope that you will have a less stressful moving day once you follow the above instructions. Our movers are highly disciplined and with years of experience, your items will arrive at the new location with little or no damage at all. For any damaged goods, we have insurance to ensure that you are compensated for any loss.