Movers in Clayton, Clayton South & Fairfield

When moving, you are without a doubt will have to use a moving company at some point. We have moved hundreds of people from Clayton, Clayton South & Fairfield, and we have had an exemplary record of accomplishment. Even when you have less than a week to move out, you ought not to compromise on the movers you hire. Here are some of the things to consider when hiring a moving company.


There is a variety of services companies offer and you ought to consider that which offers a wide range of services. This includes packing, removals, hauling, arranging your items when you get to the new house among other things. However, of more importance is the rates and the quality of the services. Most companies have rates based on the weight of the items as well as the distance moved. However, there are companies that charge on a per hour basis for short distances.

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We have an itinerary on our website or you can get in touch with us via our customer care representatives to email you the estimates. There you will find the modes of payment, and the type of carriage we offer. It is upon you to make an estimate of the items you will be taking to your new home and then choose the company that suits your budget.

Extra Fees for Moving From Clayton, Clayton South & Fairfield

There is the saying that, ‘ignorance is bliss’ but not in this scenario. Since moving is already a resource intensive, you would rather have all the fees disclosed to you before you sign the contract. Additional costs apply when the there is no direct access to your new house and the items have to be carried by hand. There might also be fuel charges, as well as transportation surcharges especially if the new house is in a remote area.

If the items will not be unloaded upon arrival, you will have to pay for storage. To avoid these additional charges, ensure that you make a pre-visit to your new house and make all the arrangements that the movers will unload the items and leave. We provide a move coordinator to make a visit to your current home and if possible, the new house to ensure that we give the best estimate for our services.


It is not advisable for a moving company to subcontract their clients to other companies, but there is a growing trend where large companies subcontract their services to smaller companies in order to serve a larger client base. No matter the size of our clientele, we ensure to handle the job ourselves and over the years, we have increased our fleet to accommodate various clients.

However, if you get movers that subcontract their jobs, ask for the name of the subcontractor and vet them thoroughly. The information on subcontractors should be readily available and if the information is withheld, take your business to other movers. It is necessary that you look into the work record of the driver and the company to ensure you get the best value for your money.


During transit, there is something bound to go wrong. The driver might have an exemplary record of accomplishment, as well and the vehicle in good condition, but there will be surprises. Seek out the insurance information the company holds in case of a breakage and other damage to your items. A bonded company will be able to compensate you for the loss, and will not have any qualms about making the compensation.

The benefit of insurance comes in handy when you are moving a long distance from Clayton, Clayton South & Fairfield, and there will be the need for additional transfer. This increases the chance of damage and loss to your goods. There is also the chance of damage when you are moving during the rainy season and anything can happen to the truck hauling your items. In this light, insurance for your goods will be available at an additional cost.

Claims and Complaints

Do your research on the company and look if they have any complaints and claims against them. A professional company will tell you of past claims and complaints levelled against them as well as how long it took to resolve. This will come in handy to help you understand what it will take your complaints to be resolved in case of any damages to your items.

The company might not divulge the details, but thanks to consumer rights websites, you can get the details. You will also find the comments and testimonials from former clients and you can base your decision on the best company to her from them.


You ought not to compromise on the type of moving company you hire. Go the extra mile to see that your preferred company meets your budget and quality. The last thing you want is to have a bitter moving experience. We recommend that you have everything ready to reduce your costs and make the move much easier for you and your family members.