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What to Do After Moving In

Moving day is one of the most complex days of anyone’s life, you are moving out of a house you have grown accustomed to, and you have to move in to an empty house with all your possessions in boxes. At the end of the day when the movers have unpacked all your furniture and boxes, it is you and your new home. As a moving company in Ringwood, Croydon, Blackburn & Doncaster, we feel your pain and we are always here to help.

Always Make an Appointment When Moving Out Of Ringwood, Croydon, Blackburn & Doncaster 

To serve you better, we prefer if you made an appointment at least a month in advance. However, if you have to move and there is less than a month, we can still make an exception and schedule in. the reason for booking our trucks is to allow us to get everything ready, right from assessing how many movers will be required, the number of trucks, and you also get a chance to negotiate on box prices.

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Our personnel will help unload the boxes from the truck at your new house and set your furniture where you want it. However, after they are gone, you will be alone and it will take a few days to a week, sometimes a month before you can feel at home again. Given the years we have been in business, we have amassed tips to help you settle in your home with ease.

Get Familiar with the New House and Neighbourhood

As soon as the movers leave, take a tour of the house and find out everything there is to know about it especially the circuit breaker, and the water shut off valve. After this, and if the time of day allows, take a walk or a drive around the neighbourhood and introduce yourself to your new neighbours, find the bank, grocery store, pub, hospital, post office, school, and other public amenities the neighbourhood has to offer.

Unpack Your Closet First Then Get Comfortable

Most people unpack the big common places first that will make them feel as though they are not in a new house. This includes living rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and the bedroom. However, it is easier to get your life going when you wake up to a well-organised closet. You do not want to be fumbling in boxes looking to find the jacket that goes with your pants for work. Besides the common places needs a lot of inspiration to set them in a homely setting.

After finishing with your closet, pull out your clean bedding and make the bed. There is nothing better than sleeping in bedding with a familiar smell, you will sleep and nap better, and help you to embark on the road to making your new house a home.

Change the Locks

The friends and family of the last occupant might still have the keys to the house you now occupy. To avoid any surprises, make it a point to seek out the local locksmith to change the locks on the front door as well as the doors in the house. You might also want him or her to recheck the window locks. You can make an appointment with the locksmith when you come for your pre-visit and have them change the locks while the movers are unpacking the truck.

Recreate Familiar Smells, Sounds, and Sights

As soon as the movers leave, set about recreating the sounds and sights that make you feel at home. For the smells, it might take a while. Take out your phone and play your favourite music, or set up the TV, light your favourite scented candles, make dinner, or watch your favourite shows. This will quickly make the new house feel like a home.

Stick to Your Routine

Moving houses is a complex, tiring, and time consuming hassle, and for most people, they want to lounge in bed. In your old house at Ringwood, Croydon, Blackburn & Doncaster, you had a routine, be it the time you wake up, a pre-planned menu, a time you walked your pets, among other activities. The activities do not change because you are in a new house the best way to adjust is to stick to your routine, and adjusting the bad habits to get the most out for your days, and the new beginning.


Moving out from your home in Ringwood, Croydon, Blackburn & Doncaster can be a tall order and before you make the new house a home, it might take much adjustment. We have moved hundreds of people and this post is our duty as a moving company to offer holistic moving and settling down services. We suggest that you create a vision of how you want the home to look like and it will be easier to transform the house in a few days.