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How to Pack Your House in One Day Or Less

Most people do not have the luxury of time before they have to move. Whether it is a move for work, or other reasons, there is never enough time to pack your house. However, as a moving company, we have seen a few people who have packed their house in one day; some have even taken less than 12 hours. We always aim to increase our wealth of knowledge, and today we share with you the tips that will help you pack your house in one day or less when you are moving out of Vermont, Newmarket & Brunswick.

The tips below are for those people who tend to procrastinate packing and they end up forgetting crucial items. If you also do not have much time to move, these tips will come in handy. It not only makes moving easier for you, but our movers will be able to pack the boxes in the truck and haul it to your new location with ease.

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Make a List of What You Have In Your Home

First things first, walk through every room in your home and make a list of everything, right from the closet, to what is under the bed. This process will help you note how many boxes you need and the best size. After this crucial exercise, sort your items into the stuff you will take with you to the new house and that which you will sell or donate. This part of moving needs to start as soon as you make the plan to move or you get the notice you need to make the move.

Start Early and Pack Items You Use less First

On the day prior to the packing day, make enough food and snacks the day and set your alarm early enough to get an early start. On the material day, the best place to start the packing is on the items you use less first. This could be items such as books, ornamental pieces, the bedding in the closet, et al. These items are easy to forget only to realise that you forgot them when you get to your new house.

You can enlist the help of your friends and family or you can get our movers to come in early. The best option however is to get the moving company to help in the packing. This is because they have insurance, and should anything break, they have insurance to compensate you for the damage.

Start and Finish Off With One Room First

The way to packing fast and saving time is to stop thinking of packing the entire house, but moving from one room to the next. Whichever room you start with, go drawer-by-drawer, shelf to shelf, until it is empty.  When everything is packed, label the contents of the box and the room they will go to in the new house. This way you will pack faster, and you will be through the entire house in less time than you thought.

The kitchen has many appliances and it is one of the most tedious rooms to pack. We advise that you prepack the appliances and the dishes except for the essential ones such as several items of cutlery, plates, cups, coffee maker, and a few pans. Keep the clothes in the hangers instead of folding them, they will take up less space and saves time as well.

Declutter As You Pack

Over time must have accumulated several items that you hardly use and you could do without them. Remember the list you made of the items in your home, use it to purge what you will not use in your new home and toss it in the donate or sell pile. It beats sense to fill up your new home with things you do not need. Avoid putting much thought into the items you do not need and it will save you on time.

Use Items You Have On Hand

Packing supplies do not come cheap, and running around getting the amount you need might take you a while. Before you order boxes from a moving company, use the suitcases, trash bags, laundry bins, and other containers you have on hand. This will not only save you on money, but they save you on time you would have used assembling boxes.

Choose the Best Day to Move Out From Vermont, Newmarket & Brunswick

Be sure to direct the movers how to pack the truck. The rule of thumb is that the items that go in first are the last to be offloaded. Our movers will be on hand to offer assistance on how you ought to pack the truck. We suggest that you consider a weekday to move, since the roads are less congested.


Time is of the ultimate essence, and with the tips above, you will be done with packing in a day or less. We have moved hundreds of people from Vermont, Newmarket & Brunswick, and you can trust our movers to handle your processions with care.