7 Tips for Moving House in the Rain

October 10, 2016
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July 20, 2018
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7 Tips for Moving House in the Rain

Moving is stressful enough, but it’s even more so when you don’t have the weather on your side. Are you struggling with getting all of your belongings out of your home on time? Are you gathering dozens of family members and friends to make sure you reduce your moving time without having valuables becoming damaged?

There’s no wonder why, but that’s why we’re here. Below you can read our 7 tips for moving house in the rain.

Get Your Team TogetherMelbourne commercial Removals

You’ll need more people to help you move if you’re going to be moving in the rain. That’s because you’ll have to move more quickly than you would if it was sunny. The longer your belongings are in the rain, the more likely they are to get damaged.

Once you ask everyone to move you, you should try to remind them every few weeks leading up to your move. We all know the struggle of having to do something last-minute, only to realize that no one has shown up.

Have Everything Packed Securely

When it’s raining, you can easily find that water will get into all of the nooks and cracks in your boxes. In no time at all, you’ll find that your precious belongings have been flooded. For this reason, you should make sure to pack everything as securely as possible. Put tape over every hole and tuck in all your corners.


Things can get hectic when you’re in the middle of moving, especially when it’s pouring outside. As such, you should try to label all of your boxes. You can take out a piece of paper with a list of everything on the boxes. This will help you stay organized in the chaos so that once you’re at the new place, you know where everything goes.

Move The Pets Last

Some people say that you should move your pets first, but this isn’t always a good idea. That’s because your animals will be very stressed by the move, so they’re more likely to freak out if they’re introduced to a new home that has people walking in and out constantly.

Because of this, you should consider moving your animals last. Put them in a room where they can stay out of trouble and when everything else has been brought to the new place, you can move everything in that last room.

This is especially great when it’s raining because they won’t be caught in the rain as long if everything has been taken away already.

Go for Bins

While boxes might become flooded in the rain, you should try investing in some reusable bins. You can easily find these at hardware stores. While they are heavy to move when they’re full, you’ll find it much easier in the rain.

The Extra Items

When it isn’t raining, you can just carry extra items by hand. These are the possessions that don’t quite fit in a box but that aren’t considered furniture. Yoga mats and coffee machines are examples of extra items that you wouldn’t have to worry about on a sunny day.

On a rainy day, though, you should make sure to carry these items out in garbage bags or under an umbrella if you can.


You should have someone cleaning your old home while you’re moving so that you don’t have to come back during the day. The least number of trips in the rain, the better!


Are you moving this season? Are you worried about the weather forecast? It’s happened to everyone, and we have a few tips to help you through this stressful time. In our above guide, you can read our top seven tips for moving house in the rain.