Piano Removalists Melbourne

Pianos are very delicate musical instruments with great sentimental and financial values, that’s why extra care must be taken when attempting a move including a piano.

Melbourne Master Movers is well reputed all over Victoria due to our professional piano removalists services. Piano removalists at Melbourne Master Movers understand the importance of your piano as a delicate instrument with thousands of moving parts. Each part must be in perfect alignment for a piano to sound wonderful. Upright pianos are usually 110cm to 135 cm in height, around 155 cm wide and 60 cm deep. Small upright pianos can weigh upto 300 to 400 lbs as they have smaller cast iron harps to hold the strings. Big uprights can hit even 900 lbs as they have a larger cast iron harp. Grand piano can weigh higher than 1200 lbs. Moving a Piano is not easy, it’s a very precise and delicate operation which can be very dangerous if an untrained person tries to handle the move. We do not advise anybody to handle a Piano unless one has undergone specific training.

Piano Movers Melbourne

Our Piano Removalists in Melbourne are one of the most recommended in Melbourne. We use a specialized piano trolley with large soft rubber wheels to make sure that your floor is protected by scratches. We will pad your precious piano very carefully as to not damage the piano in anyway. All our vehicles come equipped with hydraulic tailgates to safely load and unload pianos inside vehicle. For details of our Furniture Removalists vehicle, visit our vehicle selection guide.

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