Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

Billiard tables are very large, heavy and have a fragile surface that can be easily damaged by inexperienced removalists. That’s why you need expert Pool table removalists. Melbourne Master Movers have been moving pool tables / Billiards table of all sizes into new houses. Upstairs in family rooms, in games room in the basement, in garages or at beach house for local families, professionals and institutions we have done it all.

Moving Pool tables is not a job for inexperienced or ill-equipped people. It is an art which requires experience, training and techniques. Pool table Removalists at Melbourne Master Movers are trained to handle your expensive pool table. We have specialized equipment to dismantle, lift, load/unload and re-assemble pool tables. We never let an inexperienced team member to do this job.

Pool Table Movers Melbourne

At Melbourne Master Movers, our pool table removalists

  • Dismantle your pool table carefully and expertly.
  • Wrap each part safely, label and catalogue parts for re-assemblage easy.
  • Load the wrapped parts on piano trolley, tie with stripes to hold tightly and load in the Removalists vehicle.
  • Transport to your new destination safely.
  • Unload at your destination.
  • Re-assemble all parts expertly and efficiently.
  • We are one of the most recommended pool table removalists in Melbourne and Victoria. So don’t risk the safety of your priced pool table and let our experts handle the removal.

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